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KIDSatLAKE, Neugüetliweg 8,
8806 Bäch SZ


KIDSatLAKE, Stadthofstrasse 12a,

6604 Luzern


KIDSatLAKE, Seestrasse 78,
8803 Rüschlikon / Zürich



KIDSatLAKE, Seestrasse 45,

8702 Zollikon / Zürich


KIDSatLAKE, Chamerstrasse 170,
6300 Zug


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Wir bieten Eltern Kinderkrippen (Kitas, Kindertagesstätten, Krippen) und einen Kindergarten in Zürich, Kinderkrippe Zürich in Zollikon wie auch Kindergarten Zürich Zollikon, Kinderkrippe Zürich Rüschlikon, Kindergarten Zürich Rüschlikon, Kinderkrippe Zug, wie auch Pre-Kindergarten Zug, Kinderkrippe Bäch SZ und Kinderkrippe Luzern. Individuelle Kinderbetreuung Zürich mit qualifizierten Fachkräften. Kinderbetreuung auf höchstem Niveau. Private bilinguale Kinderkrippe und bilingualer Kindergarten. Zweisprachiger Kindergarten in Zollikon, sowie zweisprachige Krippe in Zollikon, Rüschlikon, Bäch SZ, Luzern und Zug. 


We offer parents private bilingual day nursery facilities and kindergarten in Zürich Zollikon, Zürich Rüschlikon and day nursery facilities in Zug, Bäch SZ and Lucerne. Individual child care near Zürich with highly qualified professionals. Child care at its highest standard. Private bilingual day nursery and bilingual kindergarten. 

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bilinguale Kinderkrippe, bilingualer Kindergarten Zürich



Location in Zollikon

KIDSatLAKE is located directly on Seestrasse 45 in 8702 Zollikon in the Guggenbühl building.


At our location in Zollikon directly at the lake, we offer modern premises with large rooms, lots of light and a warm and inviting atmosphere.


We are located close to public transportation and we also have sufficient parking spots to drop off and pick up your children. The lake, the city of Zürich, nearby playgrounds as well as the forest in Zollikon are our favourite spots that we regularly visit.

Kinderkrippe Rüschlikon Zürich
Location in Rüschlikon

We also have premises located on Seestrasse 78 in 8803 Rüschlikon close to the train station.

In Rüschlikon, you’ll find KIDSatLAKE in a beautiful old villa with a lake view.

Our premises are filled with light and character and offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. In addition, we have a small outdoor space and there are a lot of options for nearby field trips.


Thanks to our convenient location close to public transportation and the parking spots we have available, dropping off and picking up your children simplifies the transition.

Kinderkrippe und Kindergarten Zollikon
Location in Zug
Kinderkrippe und Kindergarten Zollikon

We also have premises located on Chamerstrasse 170 in 6300 Zug.


Our premises are located directly by the lake of Zug. We offer modern, bright and large rooms with a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Thanks to our convenient location close to public transportation and the parking spots we have available, dropping off and picking up your children simplifies the transition.

Some of our regular outings include the lake, the city center, nearby playgrounds (Fröschenmatt – Abenteuerspielplatz) and the protected nature-sanctuary right across the street.

Location in Bäch

We also have premises located on Neugüetliweg 8 in 8806 Bäch SZ.

In new premises, which convey a bright and warm atmosphere, the new crib is beeing build. Modern and optimally equipped, every child will find a great place for their individual development.

In a low-traffic side street with parking spaces directly at the house and yet very easy to reach, the children can be easily brought and picked up.


Directly at the house there is a open play area, which invites the children to play, romp and have fun.


The immediate proximity to the lake offers further great opportunities for the children to discover their environment and to experience little adventures.

Location in Luzern

We also have premises located on Stadthofstrasse 12a in 6607 Luzern.

For further information about what we offer, our prices and to make an appointment to tour our facilities, please contact us by phone at +41(0)44 390 14 46 or by email at or complete our contact form.

We look forward to speaking with you!