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Happy Birthday KIDSatLAKE Rüschlikon

Happy Birthday KIDSatLAKE Rüschlikon #kidsatlakerüschlikon

Five years ago today, KIDSatLAKE Rüschlikon opened its doors.

2015 – 2020, wow, how time flies!

It was an exciting development stage, and a great start in Rüschlikon

Now, after 5 years, we´re looking back on so many beautiful moments.

We managed to obtain a property next to the lake for the children, a great nursery manager, Mara Almeida, and a great team.

For the past 5 years, the house has been filled with so much life and is our great pride.

Dear children, we´re so happy to look after you, and to accompany you for a time on your life´s journey.

Your laughter warms our hearts!

Dear KIDSatLAKE Rüschlikon team, dear Mara: you manage to do your best work, every day.

Your team spirit, solidarity and your professionalism are worthy of admiration and I wholeheartedly thank you for it.

Working with you as a team is so much fun. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Dear Parents, thank you for the confidence you´ve placed in us for the past 5 years!

Many thanks for your trust in KIDSatLAKE, your loyalty and your collaboration.

Until then, a big Thank You for your trust in KIDSatLAKE!

Looking forward to the next 5 years!

Johanna Maria Koller

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