Liability exclusions and privacy protection

1.    Purpose and application area
This is the official web presence of KidsAtLake. Our web presence serves as information for our clients and offers various services. Our web presence’s utilization rules apply to all KidsAtLake websites. We reserve the right to have explicit regulations. Our regulations in effect apply for the use of our web presence. Contents can be changed, deleted or partially not publicized at any time.


2.    Immaterial goods and other rights
KidsatLake is the owner and operator of its web presence. All utilized brands, names, titles, logos, images, designs, texts and other materials as well as the websites themselves, belong to KidsAtLake or to the specifically named entitled persons. No utilization and immaterial goods rights nor intellectual property rights are acquired by selecting, downloading or copying websites, brands, logos, designs, texts or other materials. We reserve the right to have service specific regulations. Without KidsAtLake’s written agreement, it is prohibited to fully or partially reproduce, transmit (electronically or with other means), modify, connect, distribute or use KidsAtLake’s web presence or websites and if violated, it will be enforced in court.


3.    Liability exclusions
KidsatLake excludes any liabilities for damages resulting from access, respectively denied access to websites. Access to websites, individual services and its uses are not guaranteed. KidsAtLake is especially not liable for the completeness, accuracy, precision, timeliness and reliability of the published information or for third-party data, which are accessible through the websites (links). KidsAtLake excludes any liability for data privacy when data is transmitted over the internet. KidsAtLake also excludes any liability for indirect damages as well as for damages that are caused by third-parties.


4.    Protection of data privacy und data security
KidsAtLake follows the legal regulations when handling personal data and abides by the law.

KidsAtLake utilizes and handles its personal data to the fulfillment of the contract as follows:
a)    forwarding personal data to third-parties if necessary to fulfill the contract;
b)    internet publication depending on the service;
c)    to utilize and do market research on new services offered by KidsAtLake for information purposes.

These purposes also include data processing, respectively data notifications to third-parties abroad. You can revoke your approval for data processing at anytime according to literacy c.


When accessing our website, various data is being recorded and stored to fulfill KidsAtLake’s above mentioned legal duties (for example IP addresses, dates and times of access, name of accessed data file, etc.). No personal analysis take place. For statistical purposes, data is evaluated anonymously. Furthermore, personal data is being handled strictly confidential and is not processed, forwarded or made available to third-parties outside of KidsAtLake’s representatives. Safe storage of personal related data is ensured.

5.    For questions or complaints

Please direct your questions or complaints regarding personal data processing, corrections or deletion to the following address:

Seestrasse 43 und 45
8702 Zollikon / Zürich

phone  +41 (0)78-9077337